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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

How to Preserve Your Southfield Rental’s Deck and Patio

Southfield Tenants Enjoying the Deck in the BackyardA suitable patio or deck can be a big attraction for people looking for a single-family rental house in Southfield. A rental home with an outdoor get-together spot is usually a property in huge demand. Although this is only applicable if the patio or deck is in good condition. Splintered wood, stained concrete, and dirty vinyl planks are likely to not only drive tenants away but also turn out to be potential hazards, additionally. For the above reasons, it’s vital to execute regular maintenance on your rental property’s deck or patio, together with maintaining the condition of any fixtures.

In terms of maintenance, wooden decks regularly head the list of those wanting the most upkeep. Maintaining a wood deck doesn’t have to be extravagant trouble, though you do have to clean them with a standard deck cleaner each spring to clear away any dirt and debris that has amassed. After being cleaned, the deck should then be sealed to protect it from the elements. This will make sure that your wooden deck looks nice and is more resistant to splintering, rot, and mold.

After many years of utilization, however, even a carefully maintained deck will need to be stained or repainted to keep in great shape. This is probably among the most time-consuming parts of having a wooden deck, but necessary to keep your property values high. If your deck is painted, the old paint must be taken off, and the wood planks sanded before being repainted. It is an excellent idea to select high-quality paint designed for outdoor use. Staining a deck is a bit more easy, but the wood still needs to be prepped for the new coat of stain. Both stained and painted wood should be coated with a sealant for the most weather resistance.

The extent of attention and care that wood decks require has led to more property owners choosing vinyl planks. Vinyl decks also need to be cleaned, but as a matter of fact, they are usually rather effortless to handle. Considering vinyl is already extremely durable and weather-resistant, various vinyl planks would need a good scrub with warm water and mild soap to remain looking like new.

If your Southfield property has a patio instead of a deck, you could be thinking there is no maintenance required. But that isn’t true. Even though regular sweeping can help keep surface dirt at bay, concrete and stone patios can still become dirty and stained. This makes it imperative to thoroughly clean the patio at least once or twice a year. Concrete can be hosed off, and pressure washed or scrubbed with a bristle brush. A degreaser can be used for stubborn stains or spatter. But natural stone pavers should be cleaned carefully to avoid damaging the surface. Both concrete and stone can also be sealed to foster in keeping the worst of the dust and stains away and make cleaning a much easier process.

On a final note, no deck or patio is complete without outdoor furniture. If your property includes outdoor décor or furniture, these items will call for regular cleaning and maintenance, too. Most outdoor furniture can be cleaned with mild dishwashing liquid mixed with water and a soft-bristle brush. Once items are not in use, they have to be covered and stored indoors, whenever possible. Wooden furniture, just like wooden decks, should be cleaned and either sealed or repainted each year. Fabric cushions or pillows should be surface cleaned with a mild soap solution and then fully air-dried to prevent mildew.

By consistently fulfilling several simple maintenance tasks, you can keep your rental property’s deck or patio looking like the outdoor oasis renters want.

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