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Ways to Handle Hoarders Renting Your Property in Troy, Michigan

It took quite some time before hoarding was considered a form of mental disability. In fact, the American Psychiatric Association only classified it as a disorder by the year 2013. As a result, people that hoard are now under the law’s protection. So you need to be cautious on how to deal with suspected hoarders that rent your property, since one mistake may lead to a discrimination charge against you. You need to realize that your actions must follow the Fair Housing laws to avoid committing any violations.

The Key is to Accommodate

Because hoarders are now protected by law, it is not acceptable to throw them out simply because they are hoarding. Regardless of how you handle the hoarding situation, by yourself or by property managers in Troy, Michigan, here are some important tips in dealing with people that hoard.

Poor Sense of Cleanliness versus Hoarding

Hoarding does not automatically equate to cluttered rooms and untidy tenants. Hoarders build and fill their rooms with pointless structures of random things that they highly value, leaving a narrow area to pass through. If you encounter this, then it is better to contact the experts for assessment before doing any move.

Home Visitations

You, property managers in Troy, Michigan, or anyone should first inspect the home where the hoarder rents. Then you can conduct a home visit to report the actual household situation and find the reasons why the hoarding disorder existed. Upon every visit, document any relevant findings, especially if there are evidences of the property being destroyed, exit areas being blocked, or water supply and ventilation systems being obstructed. If the offending tenant illegally hoards any hazardous material, animals, or perishable goods, then a legal offense has been committed. To validate the hoarding act and add documentation, a city official may do the evaluation.

Discussion of Coping Strategies

Once hoarding is confirmed, communicate with the hoarder. Use respect throughout your entire discussion because the hoarder may be sensitive at this point. You can discuss strategies while providing time to help the hoarder overcome the disorder. You and the hoarder must agree with this type of arrangement. To make the arrangement official, both of you must sign a written notice.

When to Evict

If all the agreed time and strategies to overcome hoarding are being exhausted and still no improvement, then it’s time to bid the hoarder goodbye. When properties are being destroyed or rules and regulations are continuously broken, it is no brainer to evict the offending tenant. When eviction is imminent, property managers in Troy, Michigan can help you a lot.

A Proactive Landlord

In cases when a hoarder shows signs of improvement, be proactive in keeping you and your property safe. You can do this by performing activities that keep the offending tenant away from his/her previous hoarding acts. Continuing regular tenant and property inspections even when the hoarder is cured can also help.

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We are pledged to the letter and spirit of U.S. policy for the achievement of equal housing opportunity throughout the Nation. See Equal Housing Opportunity Statement for more information.