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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Detroit Tenant Retention Strategies

Detroit Resident Signing a Lease on a New Rental Property

Establishing a long-term tenant to reside in your rental property can be a lingering task. Take advantage of effective Detroit […]

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How to Prevent Subletting Nightmares

Small white house with black roof and well-maintained yard

Conduct a short Google search for “AirBnB nightmares” and you will quickly see the endless examples of why you don’t want your renters […]

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Rental Property Tax Deductions

Real Property Management Metro Detroit property manager showing tenant property information

If you enjoy collecting rent checks each month, then you are going to love the tax deductions available. The following are […]

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Troy Tenant Applicant Review

A crucial part of Troy property management is finding a good tenant. Many property owners are wowed by an applicant […]

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In the Shoes of a Renter

Have you ever rented a home that you that you ended up hating? Maybe the home was old and had […]

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Making a Plan

  While in the rental property purchasing phase, your priorities are location, location, location. But after acquiring a property and […]

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Hassle Free Evictions

Dealing with evictions is an unfortunate part of doing business in the Metro Detroit investment property industry. Even though the […]

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How to keep good tenants

Let’s be honest, we all have been faced with a few bad expereinces with tenants and know that finding a […]

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What is Property Management?

What is Property Management? Property Management companies manage all varieties of properties including homes, apartments, businesses, etc. If you have […]

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Making Sense of Section 8

photo via Every month when rent is due, tenants in Metro Detroit and across the country drop off, mail [...] Read more

Making time for Me

Oh, what we wouldn’t do for an extra hour or two during the day for some “me time.” But making […]

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How to Dispose Your Christmas Tree

How to Dispose Your Christmas Tree Christmas trees are wonderful decorations in the household. Some families may keep theirs past […]

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Snow or No Snow in Michigan?

Snow or No Snow in Michigan? Everyone who lives in Michigan knows that the weather can change at any time […]

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Metro Detroit Michigan Thanksgiving Parade 2015

Metro Detroit Michigan Thanksgiving Parade 2015   Media Source: Watch as your favorite characters come to life as gigantic, […]

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Autumn Lawn Care

photo via   Soon enough the same bright-hued leaves that warmed and colored the tree-lined streets of metro Detroit [...] Read more

The Risk of Radon in Your Home

photo via   You may remember radon from the periodic tables you studied in science class, but what do [...] Read more

The Rental Scam- Uncovered

photo via   The first place most people look for rental properties is on the internet: an easily accessible [...] Read more

10 Truths About Mold

photo via   On the heels of recent historic rainfall in the metro Detroit area, lingers the inevitable allergen [...] Read more

The Security Deposit- Explained

photo via   It’s required by landlords across the country, and in Michigan it can be as high as [...] Read more

7 Tips for Placing Quality Tenants

photo via   If you post it, they will inquire. But when it comes to selecting the best-qualified tenant(s) [...] Read more

The Occupied Property Illusion

    photo via   So your rental property is empty and ready to be listed. The doors and [...] Read more

Ways to Green Your Rental

Photo via Thinking green is a springtime motto, but thinking green in terms of your home or rental property [...] Read more

Weathering Rental Season #3

High Winds and Lightning The most extreme metro Detroit weather types- high winds and lightning can often be the most [...] Read more

Weathering Rental Season

  (Rain photo via   In addition to welcoming extreme heat, spring and summer rental season means stormy weather [...] Read more

Appealing to Renters

(Curb) Appealing to Renters In the competitive rental market present today, curb appeal is becoming increasingly important. It is what [...] Read more

Tips on maintaining vacant homes

Here are some easy tips on avoiding costly situations: 1. SECURE THE PREMISES Securing entrances with padlocks or slide bolts […]

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DIY vs Professional Management

Here are some things to consider when weighing managing your property yourself or hiring a professional to manage it for […]

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