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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Is It Time for a Career in Real Estate?

Potential Tenants Touring a Rental with Eastpointe Property ManagerIf you’ve been wondering about a career change, the possibilities are that you’ve looked into developing that new career in Eastpointe real estate. You’re not alone: data shows that more than 17,000 people in the U.S. Google “how to work in real estate” every month! Rental real estate investing, specifically, is an alluring option because of the potential to earn both a monthly income and to multiply real wealth through property appreciation. Although, is a career in real estate investing right for you? Here are just a few questions to ask yourself to discover and find out!

What do you already know/need to learn about investing?

Amongst the first questions you should ask yourself is how much do I already understand related to buying, leasing, and managing rental properties – and how much do I need to learn? A number of people have many things to learn since investing in rental properties requires a wide range of skills and know-how. The good thing is that grasping the business of real estate investing well is something you don’t need to have a college degree to do. There is an abundance of free courses, podcasts, books, and other investors to learn from.

Are you self-motivated?

As a rental property investor, you are in business for yourself, and normally (at least in the beginning), by yourself. That implies that you should stay motivated and on track to land your first (and second, and third) real estate deal, then deal with an assortment of tasks from property maintenance and repairs to promoting positive tenant relations. If you find yourself making an effort and struggling to set goals, follow-through, or manage your time effectively, these are all abilities you may aspire to develop first before stepping into real estate investing full-time.

Where do you stand financially?

To invest in rental properties, it’s public knowledge that you must have your finances in order. You’ll equally need a reliable credit score and, if you arrange to finance your investment properties, cash saved up for the down payment, closing costs, and renovation expenses. It’s moreover reasonable to know your financing options and have a backup plan ascertained if things change. Real estate investors are, in general, need to move quickly when the right property is available, so you will really have to be pre-approved for any loans and otherwise have everything ready to go.

What is your risk tolerance?

Another vital question to ask yourself when considering a career as a real estate investor is how comfortable you feel about taking risks. Like all investments, real estate is associated with its own set of risks, from having property to ending up with a difficult tenant. Having said that, there are different tactics to minimize these risks, chiefly, if you understand and learn how to thoroughly assess a potential property, understand your local rental market, and accurately crunch the numbers.

What are your purpose and end goal?

One final matter, it makes a lot more sense to have a clear understanding of your purpose and goals for starting a career investing in real estate. Are you in search of more flexibility in your schedule? Higher earning potential? The freedom to work for yourself? These are all excellent benefits that come with the business. Although, besides why you want a career as a rental real estate investor, it’s also important to know your end goal.

Can you visualize your end goals or exit plans? Do you have a retirement plan? Though buying and owning rental properties is a long-term investment strategy, to cash in, you’ll eventually need to know how to handle your investment properties and when it’s time to retire.


If you’re ready to take the next step toward a career in rental real estate investing, give Real Property Management Metro Detroit a call. We aid investors to conduct market analyses, locating off-market deals, finding quality tenants, and setting accurate rental rates. If you’re committed to launching a new career, making our Eastpointe property managers part of the team is one of the best ways to get your business off to a great start!

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